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Gladys Adventure features an equipment collection unmatched on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Our very comprehensive stock list leaves nothing that you could possibly need. So, if you're on your way to trek or enjoy a safari, don't worry about your gear. All of our equipment is of the top quality and well maintained. Clients who have booked their climb or safari package through Gladys Adventure receive a 30% discount on the rental prices.
If you are climbing or going on safari through Gladys Adventure, you will not need all the items listed below since we provide the tents, sleeping mats, oxygen cylinders, oxmeter as standard equipment. For Gladys Adventure climbs your suggested packing list can be found on our trekking page. If you are traveling through another tour operator check with them to see what they provide.

Thermal Underwear $10 per trip
Thermal Tops $10 per trip
Thermal T-Shirt $10 per trip
Fleece $10 per trip
Fleece Jacket (Thick) $10 per trip
Fleece Trousers $10 per trip
Down Jackets $25 per trip
Waterproof Trousers (Windbreak) $20 per trip
Summit Pants (Ski Pants) $25 per trip
Waterproof Jacket $15 per trip
Gaiters $15 per trip
Gloves $10 per trip
Glove Liners $5 per trip
Scarf $5 per trip
Warm Hat $5 per trip
Walking Poles (pair) $20 per trip
Sleeping Bag $40 per trip
Sleeping Bag Liner $10 per trip
Head Torch $15 per trip
Water Bottle 3ltrs $5 per trip
Hiking Boots $40 per trip
Socks $3 per trip
Crampons $30 per trip
Sunglasses $20 per trip
Day Pack $35 per trip
Rucksack 70Ltr $70 per trip
Camping Bed $30 per trip
Balaclava $10 per trip
Poncho $15 per trip
Sun hat $5 per trip
Walking T-Shirt $10 per trip
Walking Trousers $10 per trip
Duffel Bag (waterproof 85L) $30 per trip
Plastic Bin Liners $1 to buy
Rucksack Cover $10 per trip
Bandana $2 per trip
Oxymeter $50 per trip
Chair $20 per trip
Table $30 per trip
Camelback Water Bag $15 per trip
Day Pack Cover $5 per trip
Binoculars $30 per trip
Neck Warmer $5 per trip
Pillow $10 per trip
Thermal Rest Mat $40 per trip
Mountain Tent (2 person) $10 per day
Safari Tent (2 person) $20 per day
Mess Tent $30 per day
Oxygen $20 per day


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