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Lemosho Route

Day 1
After orientation and kit check, register at Londorossi Gate (Please ensure we have your passport number and date of birth before the tour starts.) Then drive to road head near Lemosho Glades and start the trek through the rain forest to the rain forest camp near Big Tree (9200ft/2800mts.). This is an exciting wilderness route. It is being used to avoid potential overcrowding on the Machame Route & to take the climbers to true wilderness zones. Our trek this day will be along a little used track known as Chamber’s Route. In places the vegetation is so undisturbed by humans that it grows right across the narrow track. Flora and fauna are richer here than on other more popular routes through the rain forest.

Day 2
A full days trek with a height gain of over 2000 ft. /600mts, taking us to a lunch stop at G&M One a beautiful valley just outside the Shira Crater at around 10,000ft./3050mts. After lunch we cross into the Shira Caldera a high altitude desert plateau rarely visited by man. Shira is the third of Kilimanjaro’s volcanic cones. It is both filled with lava flow from Kibo, and its rim eroded and blasted away by weather and volcanic action. Camp at Shira One (11500ft/3500mts.) This day expect the first close views of Kibo - the dramatic summit cone of Kilimanjaro.

Day 3
Two to three hour trek east across Shira Plateau, via Simba Camp to our camp on the eastern slopes of Shira The camp is located about 1 hours walk from Simba at around 12200ft./3720mts.Camp at G&M Two or Shira Hut (11500ft/3500mts.) Optional and recommended early AM start for those wanting to try the acclimatizing trek to Shira Cathedral (12200ft. /3720mts.). The views from the top of this ridge are very special. Those with vertigo should take care.

Day 4
A superb days trekking that takes us to the southern flank, passing down the Barranco Valley to the camp at Barranco Wall. Here we camp at 12800 ft. /3900 mts. not much higher than our camp at Shira; but the walk will have taken us well over 15000 ft. /4570 mts. offering valuable altitude acclimatization. The camp at Barranco is one of the most spectacular on Kilimanjaro. This days trek will take approximately 7 hours.

Day 5
Early morning climb up Barranco Wall (14,000ft./4270 mts.with a height gain of 800ft. steep and 400ft. easy ascent) to admire the views of Meru and the plains far below. Then continue across the ridges and valleys to Karanga Valley Camp(13500ft./4100mts.) where we will have a relaxing afternoon and dinner. Optional and highly useful acclimatization trek to trek just below the glaciers and try scree walking.

Day 6
Today take the traverse route to reach Barafu Ridge camp (16,000ft./4870mts.) Now moving very slowly because of the altitude, the trek up Barafu Ridge is tough and exposed to cross winds and the elements. Dinner will be early with an afternoon sleep to rest before the summit trek. Optional trek a few hundred feet higher for those who wish to optimize altitude acclimatization? Do not take up this option if you are welcome to rest instead.

Day 7
Rise around midnight to commence at around 10’cloc the trek up scree slopes to Stella Point on the rim. We should reach this point at dawn and then continue around the rim to the highest point Uhuru Point. A few precious moments to enjoy the amazing views before we return to Stella point & descend the scree via Barafu Ridge to Mweka High Camp (11,500ft./3500mts.).

Day 8
Finish the descent to the Mweka Gate. Gather your certificates, tip your guides, chefs and porters and drive to your local accommodations for a well deserved dinner and a good night's sleep.


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