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Safari Planning

That awesome feeling as soon as you have made plans to visit Africa. Whether itís a safari to Tanzania's amazing game reserves, a beach holiday to Zanzibar/Pangani, or a mountain trekking expedition on Mt. Kilimanjaro/Mt. Meru, the excitement is overwhelming and the anticipation becomes part of the journey. Africa is full of surprises and has unlimited adventures awaiting for you, and we at Gladys Adventure will show you exactly that, our team will assist and help you get prepared. We can also help you decide which safari or trekking is right for you, what clothes to wear when you are on your game drive/mountain trekking, we make the whole planning process fun!

The excitement of going to Africa begins long before you set foot in Africa. We have prepared a section below that will provide some information to help you - to look forward to - the coming adventure.  Find out how to get to us by flight, know more about the weather in Tanzania and a few answers to questions you might have for your safari or trek!


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Partners for Responsible Travel

We are proud partners of Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Program. Click to read about their valuable program.

Tanzania Association of Tour Operators

We are fully licensed and registered. Click above to read about us at TATOTZ.org.

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