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Short Trips

Njoro (Rau) Forest - East from Moshi town.
Exciting forest with nature, people and water. See the highest tree in Africa (or Moshi) and watch Colobus monkeys eating wild fruits. It is best to go here with a local guide from one of the tour operators.

Coffee Tour
Do not just wonder about the origins of coffee you always drink. Producing the best quality coffee requires meticulous processing as well as harvesting. The coffee farmers at Uru and others villages will lead you in explorering their skilful practices of producing the best quality Arabica coffee. This will take you 2-3 hours of excursion in a typical coffee farm.

Lake Chala
A crater lake on the Kenyan border, fed from Kilimanjaro. The Kilimanjaro Chala Lodge is a delirect building site. Campsite available, Camping fees is 6000/=TShs per person and there are showers and toilets. Friendly service, ask masai guide to take you to lake shore. sodas available. Directions: Drive to Himo and pass straight through towards Holili. 7,1km past Himo (measured from the Marangu turn-off in Himo) turn left into a rough road (there's a few houses on the right side of the tarmac, one with a satellite dish). Follow the rough road for 9,2km. You will reach a crossing with a sign board “Malowa Catholic Church”. Turn right here and follow the road for 6,9km up to the Lake Chala Camp site. NOTE: At any Y-branch on this last 6,9km follow the straighter road (which is the left). You always drive more or less close to the power lines (at max 200m distance on your left side) up to the camp site and you are on the right road when it turns after 5km in a 90 degree bend to the left (like the power lines do). Swimming not advisable in the crater as fatal crocodile attacks have been reported. T: 1.30 hour.

Chemka Springs (10 km south of Boma ya Ngombe)
Fascinating springs in beautiful surroundings. Camping permitted, visitors pay a development fee to village (Tshs 2,000 each) for a visit. Great swimming against strong flow of water, constant temperature of 28 degrees C. Please note that one young lady was attacked by a crocodile some years ago and tragically died. A commemoration plague can be seen near the spring. Ask villagers to take you to show the river, where on some days crocodiles can be seen basking in the sun. Crocodiles are dangerous animals!

Olpopongi Maasai Cultural Village & Museum
The first authentic Maasai Boma with Maasai-Museum & overnight facilities in Tanzania. Olpopongi provides a unique Maasai & Wildlife experience in the West-Kilimanjaro Maasailand; Just 74 km from Moshi and 85 km from Arusha.

Visit the Catholic Cathedral or walk in the shamba's and forest. There are many large Catholic and Lutheran churches on the mountain which tell interesting stories. Kidia is the oldest German church in Tanzania. Kibosho: D: 15km (North) past International School or KCMC, T: 30minutes.

Walking in the national park with a guide (waterfalls/Mandara). Also a waterfall near the P.O. (at the turn-off to the national park). Visit Village Education Project Kilimanjaro's craft shop and cafe in Marangu that sells crafts made by local students at the Mshiri Vocational Training School.

Mkomazi National Park
Newly estbalished national park. Rhino and African Wild Dog sanctuary (not open for visitors), camping available or stay in a hotel in Same.

Mandara (1st Hut, Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Drive to Marangu gate, take a guide and walk up to the first hut on the Marangu Route. A tough, full-day's walk; wear good boots. You will need to pay $60 per person, for entry into the park.

Makoa Farm
Half day riding horse safari with picnic

Lake Natron
Travel with a Maasai guide around the Flamingo filled lake and on to the slopes of Oldonyo Lengai. The active volcano is available for hiking and this is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


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